Flickknife Records Interview

Like an artist with a brush and canvas, Keep 6 paints a musical spectrum of  sound blended with a variety of dynamics, emotions,  theories and inspiring lyrics.

Their latest album "Just a Matter of Time" boasts eleven tracks that each hold their own personality of expression whether its about everyday life or the answer to the deepest secret ever hidden.

Driving to laid back bass grooves coupled with tight, back beat drums and powerfully dynamic guitars riffs, the songs leave a playing field for deep lyrics and beautiful harmonies.

The chorus for every song leave you humming the words after every listen only to be anxious what the next song may reveal
When witnessing one of their intense live performances where every note is played like their last combined with haunting vocals and harmonies, you can tell this band is no fly by night act.

Influences can be heard from alternative rock and old school blues mixed with a darker edge of tones and grooves, you might say there is a Yes/Incubus/Faith No More feel with a distinctive signature sound of their own.

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