Four Fangs Lyrics

Four Fangs

8 O'clock (at the Orphanarium)

"5 more minutes! Are you ready to go yet?

This night the cool wind frightens

It's just the way you're feeling

Unknowing starts to creep in

You take a moment to think..

"Where are we going? I'd like to know..."

Awareness starts to dawn on you as you are taken somewhere new

A strangers pretty eyes are watching

"Where am I"?

and she replies with

"You're in the Orphanarium, Welcome to your home..."

This moment is rushing through your understanding

This moment, crushing down your freedom seed

Yet, 8 O'clock at the Orphanarium means so much more than this moment

8 O'clock the world is ending and you're still worn from feeling...

Say so long to all your dreams and so long to your whole life

Say so long

No need to wait forever

A disregard for feelings

It's not your choice, you're leaving

Say so long

No need to wait forever

8 O'clock at the world is ending and you're still worn from feeling free

8 O'clock is coming and you're on your own

Snow Angels

When feelings roam with the wind

A hammer strikes the wall, you can start to see a change within him

All while watching the hurricane and the children on the plain

But the wolves would never see

The angels masquerading as angels

The winter’s cold

And the testing of the oath

Runs shivers down the spine, runs shivers through an open mind

I sigh as another one runs the way

As a feeling of immunity is carved into the sea of angels

Masquerading as angels

But never mind, never mind me

The winters cold, but so am I

It's like the ocean, but not as deep

Like a freezing rain

You're eyes are open while their asleep

Like a freezing rain

We watched the angels wash away

But never mind, just never mind me

Follow Me Underground

"Follow me underground, over to the backyard shovelled with disregard

I'm the hand that makes it all true

I can make your dreams come through

"But first, Casio my friend...

...I wish you well, I wish you understood"

There's a record kept in secret

A record not to be seen

There's litter thrown out like litter

Thrown to the wolves and back to me...

A thought occurs in the moonlight

His shadow leaves the door

Directions to the rest will taunt me more and more

I bleed of an entity

But I wish the worst, I put a curse on that bitch

And he talked of heaven

He promises to fulfill me up

He grips me by the neck

Tells me to tell them to fuck shit up

Or I won't dream


I need to be remembered

Well they'll never forget

"Now follow me underground, over to the backyard shovelled with disregard

When the hand that makes it all true never makes your dreams come to"

"Now, Casio my friend...

...You wish the worst, let's put an end to all this"

Four Fangs

All this time left alone, Beliefs I'd discovered on my own

Tearing flesh exposing bone, not so unnatural at all

Uncovered secrets, had left me with purpose

And now that I know, It's time to go

I'm leaving home

I'll leave alone

They can’t make me stay, I'll fly away

All my brothers call me many names, so many brothers, so many others I could blame

but In this world I find, the less you know, the less you shield your eyes

And I walked into this one

If a spider is an animal, then I guess that makes me an animal

Leaving his home

If you could even call this a home

They're killing us here

The wolves would never see

But I can see, that not even a wolf could embrace me

In the loving arms of a killer,

There's no will, theirs no worth, There's no hope

They can't make me stay

I'll find a way

If you could even call this a home

They're killing us here

The Skull on the Wall

Side scroll on demand, lose to them a dimension of yourself

Where an old man should lay, lies a flower bed

Astronomy of the mind, map a point on the graph of time

A quick burst of the worst, you hope the feeling won’t last long

So, no more, a wise man once told me not to let it go

Peculiar kind of notion, an unexpected delivery

So I wasn't the only one?

So hey lets play favourites, It's starting to sink in

Bite your sordid tongue, and make a choice now

No more, a wise man once told me not to worry at all

The skull on the wall

The skull on the wall

I can see it there, I can feel its stare

What a great world

It's now or then, this or them, kill or pretend to defend your glory

A striking thought occurs as 7 seems to end

And I thought the worst was over, I thought I had them in my hand

But where only a couple stand, there's so much more...

No more, a wise man once told me not to follow them

What a great world

Murky Waters

"This line means be afraid. Just so you know, I can't wait! In another life, I'd pass you by.

No more means to the end and so you know it's not pretend.

Was it a lonely wait? It's been a lonely wait for me."

Time after time we forget what we're waiting for

As far as murky waters go, we could have never been more wrong

I've got 9 lives more than you've got, be that as it may,

"And darling please don't be afraid, this letter's to let you know I still care for you

I'll explain my story but things will never change, I need to rest my head so I need yours"

And as I write this letter to you, addressed the less that you know

A fine wine and a troubled grin will detest to your hope.

You know I wont break but you know I wont last forever now

As far as murky waters go you could never been more wrong

Vanessa … Are You Scared?

Vanessa are you scared

Vanessa are you frightened

Of the blackest eyes in the night

Staring at you

But now what are you waiting for...

Vanessa are you scared

Vanessa are you cold again

There's no need to cry girl but you've got to realize

There's more to this than ever before

A northernly wind blows

Reminds me of the freezing cold

From back home....

Alone tonight, a lonely sight and she's scared

She doesn't know what's coming

And there's more to this now, there's more to this now

Vanessa are you scared?

Vanessa are you cold again?

There's no need to cry girl, you've just got to run away

It's only lightning, the rain storm isn't near

But holy hell has string pulled tightly

Alone tonight, a lonely sight and she's terrified

Well I cant pretend, I'm kind of getting used to this

Vanessa are you scared,

Vanessa are you cold again

There's no need to hide girl, just start running I'll find you anyways

I won’t forget you

Just don't get lost along the way, Don't get lost along the way

Cause I wont protect you...

A long lost time ago, we may have been family

But that was long ago, and now I wont protect you my friend

No I won’t protect you

The Villain and the Groove

Sick from heat and running so long, Vanessa took rest on a rock

Memories of her father telling not to push herself over the edge

"But keep running away," He said

Death threats, no regrets

"Father, I'm not ready yet! He could be anyone..."

As she moved along once again, she fell tripped and damaged her leg

A voice from behind offered a hand and too hurt to refuse to turned to the man

Death threats, no regrets

Walk away

I'll take her with me

There's no where to run

What a rush


Wave, You're a spectacle

I'm special. I can make you lose control

Count your days

Sanity will take you away

No. There's no where to go

You're special. You make me, lose my control

No one knows. I kept it away from the world

I know all Casio, start running away

Am I blind? There's no one who could have seen me,

I swear it upon my grave.

How could this monster betray me?

If I lose again, it will be the end of me

I know how I'll get away

I'll send this wolf to it's grave

Four fangs, there's no escape

There's no way for him

Damn it all...

How could this world escape me? I'll go crazy

But if the world must know, then I'll tell them all

To blame the pain, cause when courage stops...damn, does it show

Am I blind? It's not like my eyes deceive me, this bastard just seems to phase me

And now they blame me..."I know all Casio, start running away"

Fine. This is what you asked for.

My face to the gravel. He'll pay.

I jump at the sound of sirens

That bastards got me on the edge of fear

I fear for the first time

That bastards playing with my mind

I, Casio, the one who feeds on fear

The one who feeds on fire

I blame all of them

What does this thing want from me?

It seems to me that I can't satisfy his needs

Alarm ringing in my head

This all seemed so right to me

Lingering is an entity that’s so placed, it's so unknown

Chalk white, gravel faced and torn...he'll pay

That bastards got me like a storm heading east

Look out his words are falling now

This bastard is a cancer waking up the suffering

Who was I to ever know? Now I can't let go...

What does this world want with me

It seems to me that’s it's just toying with my understanding

A beast living in my head

This whole dream of silent thieves scaring things

with a mirror that is closer than I ever thought to look

New regrets for a life that I just took

He'll pay

"I know all Casio, start running away"

I Remember Wandering

I remember wandering a long time ago

Running in the woods, there's a man hoping that he can find his desires

Maybe understand how in everything harmony takes a stand

Hold out your hand

Reach inside and maybe you can find a place that you can come together

Redefine what's inside.

Open arms are embracing you

I remember wandering a long time ago

But the less that you know by definition

The less you'll have to shield your eyes

Somewhere in the woods, there's a crime hiding where justice can't find

Holding onto what it can

So reach and maybe you can find a place where you can hide forever

Learn to fly, we can try

Open eyes are watching everything

And the less that you own by your side

The less you have to lose in your time

I remember wandering a long time ago

Undiscovered Colors

Some day they say we'll progress to higher planes

Some say that we'll all just wither and decay

Progress points toward the forward motion of

mankind points toward their own free ground

Watch ignorance of men parade

Watch as we throw it all away

The blood on your door can't keep out these men no more

The blood on your face can't scare the girl next door

A spider on the wall will crawl and you can watch it spin its web around

A's time for me to crush a dream that was ours so long ago

Watch ignorance of men parade

Watch as we throw it all away

My only wish is just to fall asleep once again

While undiscovered colors fade away

Was a lesson learned? Or was it burned with the life of that spider...

An answer no one waited for

Wondering is a sin we never took the time to explore

A frightened boy forgets to play

A restless soul who never saw the day

On a boat that lost it's own way

And I just want to fall asleep again

Now that I've realized this I can honestly believe that one day

If we don't overcome our fear of spiders, we'll waste away

We'll waste away

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