Humanifesto Lyrics


The Oceaneer

Lost in the sea of The Oceaneer

We’re so far gone that we were already here

Will he let you sail away?

Wave after wave after wave pushing us back again

I know he won’t,

Take this ship down without a fight and then…

We’ll see who’s dead

Calm is the storm as we race for shore

I can see in his eyes he’s growing restless of this prize

He won’t let you sail away?

Waning a will. Do we see a god?

A god’s honest truth can’t seem to hold

We heard him say GO!!!

But we weren’t ready to go

Hold on while you free fall

Do we see a god? Do we see The Oceaneer?

Or is this our own boat we steer?


Walk without using words

We hold them, we control them

God damn you…

We never paid them for all their worth

A chilling touch to add, but it could be a lot worse

Run as fast as you can

To hide from the vertigo that lives by your hand

There’s no one for you to follow. No one who knows

Of the places that you’re falling from but that’s how it goes

They don’t stop living. We don’t stop giving

We’re giving up, living up

Don’t stop living. We can’t stop giving
We’re given a lot of things…

One time that you can’t

Live by the one thing that remorse cannot pretend to be

And I know that we all need a many things

Not a many that we get

But we all keep on pulling through until we can get home

We’re given a lot of things.

A lot of which we waste.

Maybe giving up is not so bad at all.

Oh and what a long story. And what an end it had.

The entire worlds corrupt and not a one of us looks sad

But I’m one, and we’re all one

One High Mile

You made me pay. I didn’t care

The fare was exchanged

I called it then.

You made this the rest of my fate

One high mile.

You said you’d stop me from fading away.

You never mentioned the shots fired at my grave.

You made me sick.

Tortured to death.

I kept my breath

And one nigh smile.

No wonder there’s no promises in your eyes.

The window you called me from is gone.

Shattered, unopened.

But by and by, the wicked can’t fall through.

So be it, from high and rise,

You called me from that window.

Now I’ve discovered why you called it then.

Why you called me the liar. Liar defines power.

I made you pay.

You really cared. The fare was exchanged.

I can’t believe how many holes can fit in one head.

The glass is half empty, half empty of lead.

Give me my rest.

Without Being Human

Content. Discerning. Flames are burning out

Again their courage is all to blame

Tell the tired untried it’s their game

Mark your man and let’s dance in the cold

I believe that you’re hesitating

Look you can’t breath without being human

That’s why they hurried away, Just cause I’m on fire

My sire, make amends with the fate that you called upon

For your pitiful time away. Pitiful crime is all

Again the liars are all to blame

Tell the dead that it’s all their lives at stake

Mark your man and let’s kill for the cold once more

At the gun point of whores

Slaves who can’t breath will be begging you…

For your praise but you would still offer it

Cause we’re all on fire

Can you even feel shame

When the heroes are all to blame?

Do you cut them down?

Or disown your own world?

Reach Out

Take her apathy as a keepsake while the sunsets fading

Never lied to me for a reason: to keep me from hating

those summer nights as soon as she’s gone

So I’d start waiting

for another day and another time. But that’s not this song

Hold me now. Hold me below

Hold me down. Hold me forever, forever and a day

I can’t breath when I’m all alone

Face doubt. Reach out. Breath out

A cold hand upon my back

talks about a god that we know not of

One that you and me have discovered to ease the pain of sunsets all faded away

Watch it take over me I can’t seem to break away

Face doubt. Reach out. Breath out. Freak out

Hold me now. Hold me below

Hold me down. Hold me forever, forever and a day

I can’t breath when I’m all alone

So hold me now while I face doubt, reach out, breath out

Once again it wasn’t all for me


 So will you set your siren on standby?

Glimpse set in steel. Forget them.

How you holding up?

                      Cold trust deserts you when you try to become.

Coming down with a fever from healers.

Take my hand. Forgive them. How can I get through to you?

You never left your home without your fist,

And your trigger in arms.

With waiting eyes we, wait for you. Hope for you.

I can’t believe you have given up your needs.

Feel free to take the light theirs plenty here.

Can someone explain hope to me?

Hope for me. Hope for us all.

Just when it seems that we begin to win this.

The cost of right is pain. Never forget that. How you holding up?

Although we may have lost the alibi, we never lost the gun.

We never lost the need for one.

And though tragic, I’m done.

Stand Watching

Who could have known that in all this time

You weren’t the one to believe

In a fairy tale of the pure of heart

But that’s who we are

Who would have thought that the courage of a million to one

Wasn’t comforting

But as the story goes there was no one to know

Cause that’s who we are

If for just this once you know their story

Maybe you wouldn’t complain

If for just this once you would take my hand

I’ll take you there

I’ll bring you into the dead

Who was there left to stand watching at the gates of our idea

Where is the accountability?

It’s tough to stand out in the city

Inside An Image

I’m lost inside an image of a warm place lost to all of time

I’ve lost my sense of purpose there but I don’t really seem to mind…

Beckon forth. Raise it all

Turn it down, then let it out…

I’m lost inside the image of a one day lost to all its kind

I’ve lost my sense of mind here and I’m crawling

Nothing here is fine

Fire up. We’re all ready to go

A long sight, cruising through my eyes

It’s warm outside but the warmth can’t seem to find me

I know it’s there but still it seems to hide away

I fear the cold, fear I’m too far gone for all control

I’m lost inside the image of a being

Make Haste

The other man can say thing to bring you around

Cover up your empty. Cover up your ground

He can be the ending. He can be the round

Suffer up your treachery profound

Would he run from heat?

If we could get to his plea

Turn it back on him on a whim

Tell them your insane. Run to make haste

Ready for regretting? Well he’s already about to go

Already about to show. Victory

That doesn’t mean that you’ve won

Run. Fade away

Will. Need. Kill. Trust in me

Hope. Deceit. Follow. Breath

Awake with fear. Would you stay?

Would you wait?

No I’m not gonna break from the center of fate

Make haste

If no goodbyes means that I surrender well, then I tried

Hate is near, far and wide, one with fear

Hope damns the weak

I hope that he knows I’m here

Bring It All Home

Night begins the fight with wrong and right

Within the reach of sin, I hope to god

Time this watching eye. See the light inside

I know if it were up to me we would all be gone

There’s no life worth bleeding

Killing me off would just be really convenient

It would get done

Hold your own

Bring it all home

Watch me rise into the light again

Hide and hope your right, don’t go far from sight alone

Cause man, they always ran to hold the hand of hopeless souls dead

Although along this road is none, we’ve been fine so far.

You love it while you hate.

Can I get through to you? Or have you gone to far?

Somehow you’ve derailed.

Picture while you can. Can I get through to you?

To help you see while you walk with the dead.

Bring it all home. Watch the light fade.

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