July 3, 2012

Sorry for the one day delay friends, we were all still recovering from an insane Canada Day long weekend party. A huge thank you to the folks out at Buck Lake for all coming out to the show. A huge compliment on the fireworks!!

Anyways, the moment to unveil our new artwork has come!! As most of you know already, we are releasing our new album "Just A Matter Of Time" on September 7th. In the mean time, a killer artist by the name of Ronald Stephen Pyke did up one hell of an album cover for us, and we thought we would share it with you...


We are incredibly excited about the new artwork and we think it suits the feel of the album perfectly. You can head over to the photo section to get a look at the full piece he did for us in our photo's page here. Also, don't forget that on September 7th we are having a huge CD release party at The Starlite Room in Edmonton with our friends No Winess and Fear Of City. More details on that show will come in the next few weeks.

Thanks again!
Keep 6

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