November 26, 2011

Starlite room......

Wow! What a show Man! The evening started off with the Bolt Action taking the stage with some really cool tunes including their opening song which I believe was the theme song for Kids in the Hall. These guys showed that they have what it takes to play a large stage like the Starlite and we would be happy to share the stage with them in the future. I can honestly say that we have never played to a packed Starlite room like we did on this evening. This show was by far one of our most accomplished performances to date. The crowds energy and vibe inspired each and every one of us to perform to the best of our capabilities and as a whole everything felt amazingly natural with our newest member Glenn Thorpe. Even with the little slip ups we had we all gelled as a band and we had a blast! Finally the missing piece of our puzzle has been found. We couldn't have asked for a better addition to the band. JFR were as usual solid the entire evening and judging by the smile on Scott Banks face, I am sure he was loving playing the old Epec kit which sounded amazing. It is always nice to be able to sit out in the crowd and actually listen to someone else play my drums as I don't get to hear them from in front of the stage ever. Joel Briggs killed all his solo's and Jf? Well JF is such a great performer and he definitely lived up to that reputation once again. As one friend said in the audience, "I will never look at JF the same again"

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our friends, family and fans for making this an evening to remember. We would also like to thank JF of the JFR Project for inviting us to perform and share the stage with them. It was an honor for you to think enough of us to ask us to play at your farewell show. And a big kudos to The Bolt Action for coming out and opening the show. As usual the hospitality we received from Art Szabo and the staff at the Starlite room were second to none. Thank you Joe for the dynamite sound both on and off stage! Coma was kind enough to do the lighting for all three bands through out the evening. You did an impeccable job man and you looked like you were in all your glory as even I could see your smiling face from across the room from behind my drums. Special thanks goes out to Duane Franklin of Franklin photography and our newest fan Lois White of Lois White photography for snapping some sweet shots through out the night. Stay tuned for pictures.

On another note........I know you all have been asking, "When is the new album going to be done?" And I also know I have been saying, "In a few months" for quite some time now, but rest assured, this album is going to be like no other Keep 6 you have ever heard in the past! That boys and girls I can promise you! Business cards have been ordered, merch has been quoted, artwork is looking awesome (although I needed a little convincing), a new website built from the ground up is in the works and Glenn has been sprinkling a hint of himself on each of the songs for this next album. We have already done a photo shoot but now that Glenn is a permanent fixture in the band we are looking at doing another, thus exposing you to this mysterious, savage beast who plays the guitar like he invented it in the first place. Glad to have you aboard bud! We have some more interesting and exciting news in our future as Matty has strategically planted some seeds and we are currently waiting to see the results so stay tuned folks!

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