September 3, 2010

Lyve on Whyte......

The end of summer is here and Jack Frost is nipping at our heels.Another month gone by and another show under our belt.We played Lyve on Whyte(formerly known as the Urban Lounge)last night for the first time.I really like the face lift that took place there.Looking East started the night.They are a really solid band,singer Jadie had a very powerful set of pipes, and Fernando the guitar player was shredding that guitar man.And the drummer Mykie (who borrowed my drum key twice) needs to get a drum key:)Playing second was Action News Team.During their first song the bass player busted one of his strings.He wasabout to leave the stage to go home to get a replacement when Matty ran to the stage with his Cort 5 string bass.Matty took this guy'sFender 4 string back to his table and put a new string on for him.After their third song Matty ran back up to the stage to give him back his bass and took back his own.We went out for a quick cigarette and upon returning inside the venue found out that he had broke another string.Needless to say, these guys played loud and hard!We took the stage in a fury as usual.When it comes to tear down and set up, we don't fuck around!

I know I have mentioned my click track in the past. It is something I have never used in the past and I am now accustomed to using.Not only has it helped me to be more consistent but it has slowed our pace on stage down to a pulse that is a little easier to bob your head to.Once again it caused me a bit of grief last night.I had taped the machine to my leg as putting it beside me on a bucket didn't work at all in Calgary cause every time I stood up, it would unplug itself.Turns out taping it to my leg was not a good idea either as every time I would move my right hand from my snare to my ride cymbal, I would knock the beats per minute knob and it would throw the click right out to lunch.So anyway, long story short, half of every song was done with no click at all and our timing was a little up and down at times.After our last show in Calgary we were really hoping our Edmonton fans would out do our Calgary fans and come out and support their local music.Playing on a Thursday night didn't help when it came to getting people out.There were only about 30 - 40 people there while we played. 10 of which came specifically to see us.I figured 2-3 songs into our set, most of the other 20 would have left, but that didn't happen.No one left!They stayed!Although we didn't get the response from them that we got from our Calgary fans, they stuck around, bought disc's, shirts, and even asked us to sign some Merch.We would like to thank Jay Sparrow (bar manager) Steve Derpack (Entertainment manager) and Bryce (sound tech) for having us in their venue.They treated us really well and we would be honoured to play there again.........on a Weekend...........if they would allow that to happen;)I also want to thank Angela for taking photos and video footage as I know she will be reading this and she needs to know that I do appreciate her efforts despite what she may think otherwise.

On a separate note, we recently signed 9 television licensing agreements presented to us by Tinderbox.Out of those 9, three are for some MTV programs.These agreements are for the following shows: The Real World - (Bunim Murray), Bad Girls Club (Oxygen Network), Nitro Circus - (MTV), Fantasy Factory (MTV), Warren The Ape (MTV), The Stylist (Oxygen Network), Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!TV Network), Khole And Kourtney Take On Miami (E!TV Network), The SPINdustry (E!TV Network).I don't want to say to much more than that as even though the licensing agreements have been signed, nothing is written in stone as of yet.I will keep you all posted on that in the future.For those of you that don't know, we have entered ourselves into a contest to open up for Coheed and Cambria when they come to town on October 20th.Bands with the top 3 votes are contenders and one of the three will be chosen by Coheed and Cambria to be the opening act for them on the evening of October 20th at the Edmonton Events Center in West Edmonton Mall.So if you have not voted, get on it!We need your help!

I approached a friend of ours on myspace in regards to creating a piece of music we could use to play at our shows before we hit the stage.Costas, aka Holopain on myspace, from Greece, was happy to create an arrangement for us and he wasted no time doing it.We have some fine tuning we need him to do on it, but all in all it is a great piece of music he created.

We are also happy to let you know everything is going well with the recording of our 3rd album.Once again, we are working with Vail McColman of Levelless studios here in Edmonton. After all, he is our mentor and by all rights the 5th member of the band.One could say he is our secret weapon and the glue that holds this band together at times (That guy is stronger than super glue I tell ya!).We have also recently been approached by a friend of the band, Elisabeth Tilton from Indianapolis, Indiana to use Skull on the Wall and 8 O'clock at the Orphanarium for her website promoting her new book she just completed entitled "The Foretold".We are happy to be a small part of your success and wish you the best of luck Elisabeth! You can check out her book at

To those of you that actually take the time to read these blogs I write THANK YOU! It is people like you that keep me motivated to continue writing these blogs!As long as you are reading, I will keep writing!

Until my next blog, take care all and stay tuned!

Jay May


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