August 22, 2010

Verns show in Calgary.........

Wow!Yet another amazing night at Verns in Calgary!I have to say, every time we play there we have a great response from the audience and last night was no exception!We started the day off by saving money in gas on our way down due to a much appreciated tail wind.We ended up at our biggest fans house (Shannon the Hair Ninja) before the show to enjoy the Gumbo dish her husband (Brady) prepared.I got to say, that was some damn good Gumbo!Wish I had seen the hot sauce before I ate all of mine as I would have added some more to my serving.I will blame that on Brady as I believe he was trying to keep it "not so spicy"to please every one there as not everyone likes their food spicy hot like us MEN!The entertainment consisted of sword fighting with Nerf Swords in the back yard.I know one may think that would not be all that entertaining, but when you have added beer to the mix, things got pretty entertaining!This abruptly ended when Brady lost his battle weapon to Evan (Zen Master), and he ended up smashing the Zen Master's head into the fence causing a minor contusion to the top of his head. (LMAO)So after dinner, a few drinks and some entertainment, we headed down to Verns.Even though we have played there several times, I always feel a little out of place at Verns when we first get there due to the fact that is a hardcore metal bar and I definitely don't look like a hardcore metal guy!15 yrs ago, yes.Today's present day and age, no.Clint (the owner and manager) was a gracious host as usual and he is one of the biggest reasons we keep going back there to play.The night started off with a young man named Luka, who's band name escapes me right now.Although his music was not my cup of tea, I got to give the guy kudos!This two man band was short a bass player for the night yet Luka stepped up to the plate and played all by himself, and for that I respect him......that takes balls!Following Luka was Ashes In The Fall, and Black Reign.Once again not really what I am into, but these two hard core metal bands that were excellentat what they do and they were definitely hard core!We took the stage and our first song was pretty rough to say the least as we were rushed to do the sound check which actually ended up being our first tune.Half way through our third song (Skull on the Wall) I stood up from behind my drums and immediately lost my click track as it unplugged itself.While standing, it was then that I noticed we had 80% of the patrons in the bar standing in front of us eating our tunes up like candy.I figured we had sold ourselves at that point as we had their undivided attention and made the decision to ditch the click track all together.Perhaps not the best decision I made that evening as the rest of the set was a little bit fast but by the time we hit our 7th song (Follow me Underground) it seemed like we could do no wrong!WOW, what a fucking night!I have not felt that alive in a long time!I would like to thank Shannon and Brady Bundick, Richard and Melissa Coumont, Rob and Karen Davies, Rebecca Sinnot, Eric Hopson, Nicole Tronsgard, Robyn Visser, and any other of our Calgary friends who came out specifically to see us (my apologies if I forgotten anyone), as well as John and Tannis May, John Burns, Brian Carreiro, for making the long drive from Edmonton to support us as well as my lovely woman Tara Hall for running our merch booth and Angela Scott for taking photos of the show.Stay tuned for updates to come!


Jay May…..Percussion/Drums for KEEP 6

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