July 23, 2010

Hello All,

Well here we are in the middle of summer 2010.I (Jay) am currently on vacation on the East Coast in New Brunswick.While I was down here, I had the opportunity to get myself a tour of the Sabian cymbal factory located in Meductic, New Brunswick.I had a great time and met some really great, hard working people while taking the tour.I would like to thank Tina Abbot for making the arrangements for me and Whitney Blaney my tour guide for the great tour.I brought my drums down east with me and have been rehearsing in my 5x10 trailer.I have to say though, I must be becoming a worse player as I get older.......NOT!I was shut down by Ontario's finest, the OPP one evening and given a warning for disturbing the public.He said, and I quote, "We received a noise complaint about someone playing some drums"I told him it didn't surprise me and he said, "Hey, if it makes you feel better they didn't say it was someone playing the drums badly":) Not sure if playing in the trailer is keeping my skills sharp or just making me thinner as it is always 27 degrees or hotter outside plus humidity and playing in the trailer is like playing in a sauna.In Canterbury New Brunswick I ended up getting myself a small audience one Friday evening standing at the back of the trailer.I met the drunken John who's last name I won't mention, who has worked at the Sabian factory for the last 25 yrs.Although he was loud and obnoxiously drunk, he loved the fact all my brass was from Sabian and all of it is the HHX series.Every time his mouth was moving while looking at me I would stop playing and pull out my head phones as I thought he wanted to say something to me. When I did he would say, "What the hell are you doing, KEEP SWINGING STICKS MAN!"Even though most of the folks there as big country music fans, they ate up my rehearsal like candy.The town consists of approximately 50 houses and one general store that sells everything from booze, fireworks, junk food, plumbing parts, and tools as well as a canteen.Needless to say, me practicing drums in the back of the trailer is the most action that town has seen in ages.Back home Scott and Matt have been laying down some ghost tracks for the new album yet to be named as well as writing a few more to be recorded in the near future. We are also looking to get some radio promotionin Europe and are currently doing some homework to make that happen sometime in the near future.I personally am looking forward to returning home in August and performing with the boys at Verns Pub in Calgary on the 21st of August.


Until then, Rock out with your cocks out!

Jay May

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