November 10, 2012

Greetings to all friends and fans of Keep 6,

Since the release and promotion of our second album “Four Fangs”, we have been head down and busy completing our latest, 10 song album “Just A Matter of Time.”  This album is different than anything we have ever done in the past and the music definitely reflects that.  From the artwork by Ronald Steven Pyke, to the groove of the drums and bass guitar, the wailing guitar solos throughout the album, and the haunting vocals and harmonies.  Once again we received an awesome final product from Coma at Levelless Studios.  Recording this record was a great experience for all of us and we look forward to digging into new material for the next album project.  But in the meantime, please enjoy “Just A Matter Of Time” on iTunes , CD and all our latest clothing is available in our webstore at

Our CD release was held on September 7th 2012 at the Starlite Room and man oh man was that a fun night!  During the release, we added a new twist to things and raffled off a flying V DEAN guitar to the awesome fans.    Another high light of the night was right smack dab in the middle of our set list.  We told everyone there would be a surprise at the show and that you wouldn't want to miss.  Those of you that didn't make it...............MISSED OUT!  We invited our good friends from No Witness to come up on stage with us and perform I Mother Earth's song One More Astronaut.  Every member of both bands were a part of this performance.  Both Scott and Matt each on bass guitar, Shorre and Chris on vocals swapping back and forth between verses and choruses, Scotty and Glenn on guitars and finally myself and Dave on drums and percussion.  We were lucky enough to capture this on video so keep your eyes peeled for a thread of this soon to be posted on our Facebook, Myspace, Supernova and Youtube pages.

Last spring's college radio campaign reflected about 60% of the 300 stations added us to their library and put us on regular rotation.  30 stations had us on "Heavy" rotation with charting status.  Radiorockcafe located in Montreal has also recently added our latest album and play Keep 6 almost on a daily basis.  Requests for any songs in the Keep 6 library at is gladly accepted and will be played almost immediately after requested, so please feel free to check out our songs there.  An extra special thanks goes out to BeN and the staff at Radiorockcafe for the years of support!    

Great appreciation goes out for the local media coverage we received prior to the CD release show.  We would like to thank Sandra Sperounes from the Edmonton Journal, Eden Monroe and staff from Vue Weekly and Kevin Maimann for a full page write up and interview in the Edmonton Sun. Also a special thank you to Art Szabo for his efforts and his incredible staff at the Starlite Room for their hospitality.

We would also like to thank Rob Bouvier from Alberta's Own for having us on his roster of amazing bands at Alberta's Own this year.  This was our first time performing at Alberta's Own and we had an amazing time.  On a personal note, I have a whole new respect for Big Wreck who played an awesome show! It was definitely a treat to warm the stage up for them.  Their stage show was nothing short of spectacular and the the atmosphere was a up close and personal kind of vibe.  If you have not seen Big Wreck live, I would suggest checking them out!  It will be something you will never forget as long as you walk the face of the planet!

Providing the world does not end on December 21st 2012 we are on schedule to 2 big announcements to be announced in the late winter to early spring of 2013!!!!!!

STAY TUNED................................

July 3, 2012

Sorry for the one day delay friends, we were all still recovering from an insane Canada Day long weekend party. A huge thank you to the folks out at Buck Lake for all coming out to the show. A huge compliment on the fireworks!!

Anyways, the moment to unveil our new artwork has come!! As most of you know already, we are releasing our new album "Just A Matter Of Time" on September 7th. In the mean time, a killer artist by the name of Ronald Stephen Pyke did up one hell of an album cover for us, and we thought we would share it with you...


We are incredibly excited about the new artwork and we think it suits the feel of the album perfectly. You can head over to the photo section to get a look at the full piece he did for us in our photo's page here. Also, don't forget that on September 7th we are having a huge CD release party at The Starlite Room in Edmonton with our friends No Winess and Fear Of City. More details on that show will come in the next few weeks.

Thanks again!
Keep 6

June 18, 2012

Today is a day of big news!!

It is with great excitement that we finally announce September 7th is the official release date for our brand new album Just A Matter Of Time! The album consists of 10 tracks including Hang, Atomos, and several brand new songs. It will be available both from weborder and from the band. For those outside of Edmonton looking to get the CD the first day, we will have preorders available on our webstore in July. 

To celebrate the release of Just A Matter Of Time, we are having a release party the night of the 7th at The Starlite Room in Edmonton. The night will feature openers No Witness and Fear Of City. We will have the new album as well as some all new merch available. Ticket information will be available closer to the show. We're also hoping to announce a date for a Calgary release party soon! 

Don't forget to get your tickets to Alberta's Own Indie Music Festival featuring Big Wreck and George Canyon. More Details can be found in the shows page.

Thanks guys!! We will see you all soon!
Keep 6

June 8, 2012

Attention all Keep 6 fans!!!

The weekend of August 24th is Alberta's Own, the 11th annual independant music festival, featuring more than 20 bands from around the province as well as headliners Big Wreck and George Canyon! Keep 6 will be hitting the stage at 6:40 PM Friday night and not long afterwards Big Wreck will be closing the night with a STELLAR show! Get your advance tickets now for this incredible 3 days of music, contact Rob at  for early bird ticket packages and let them know you are a fan of Keep 6!

We hope to see you there!

February 2, 2012

Wow, this year is off to an amazing start. The record is coming along nicely and Glenn has laid down some tasty licks with some sprinkles on top. Art work is almost finished and the new merchandise is in. We are happy to announce for those of you that have not heard yet that we have been cordially invited to play two showcases in Austin Texas during the SXSW week in March. The first show is at The Blind Pig on March 14th and the second is at The Thirsty Nickel on March 15th. This is something that we have been working towards and now it seems all of our hard work is starting to pay off. As you can all imagine this trip is going to cost us a pretty penny so in an effort to cover some of these expenses we now have new merchandise that looks really sharp and we are pricing our older merchandise to sell in an effort to clear it out. That being said, we are looking forward to performing in Calgary next weekend and we are also on the brink of booking another show in Edmonton in the near future. We are also happy to announce that thanks to YOU, YOUR loyalty, and YOUR support, we were voted into the top 50 bands in Canada for the Radiostar National Talent search presented Astral Media and Produced CMW (Canadian Music Week)! Now that we have made it to the next stage of the contest we need your votes once again from now until February 28th. Once again you can vote once a day everyday just like the first round of voting. We have recently finished a 5 song EP with 5 tracks off the new album for shopping purposes including an 8 week radio campaign add in which the EP will be distributed to 300 college and university stations Via "Tinderbox music" across North America. Stay tuned folks as we will be playing a show in E-town soon.

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