Shorre McColman

Shorre McColman began his days as a musician behind the drum set. Growing up in a musicians home, this became an interest at an early stage in life. At 13 years old, after a first taste of live performances, the interest became a passion. Within a few years, he had joined his first original band, The Un Disclosed, on the drums. This band would also mark the beginning of his career as a vocalist and lyricist. Throughout his teenage years he would go on to play in several other original and cover bands as either vocalist and/or drummer or even as a guitarist.

Shorre joined Keep 6 in 2007 as the vocalist and final member of the group, until the addition of Glenn Thorpe in 2011. His influences as a vocalist include Andre Matos, Jorn Lande, Chris Cornell, Mike Patton, Russel Allen, John Arch and many others. When not singing his time is spent proving mathematical theorems and investigating the physical universe.

Shorre is currently an undergraduate of mathematical physics at the University of Alberta.

Shorre at Starlite Room BEST pic 1 Shorre at Starlite Room BEST pic 2 Shorre at Starlite Room GEM pic 1 Shorre at Starlite Room GEM pic 2 The Observer a very haunting pic of Shorre

Shorre at Starlite Room GEM pic 3

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