Scott Chalmers

Scott Chalmers started taking piano lessons through the Yamaha music program at the young age of four. He found reading music difficult so he allowed his gifted inherited musical ear to take over. His grandmother bought him a guitar when he was 12 years old and he started private lessons with the junior high music teacher. He transitioned into playing bass in the junior high band as well as the jazz band. In grade 8 he joined the Country Band, along with Jay May where they played at the first International Airport Air show.

“Fifty Cents”, a local punk band was his next adventure, followed by a cover band called “Transcendents” where he hooked up with Jay May once again. Jay and Scott continued their musical adventure in an original rock band called “Cause and Effect”. At the same time, Scott played and recorded a full length album with “The JFR Project”.  In 2007 Jay, Matthew and Scott started “Keep 6” and have been on a musical ride beyond their wildest dreams.  Ironically enough, the drummer from The JFR Project, Vail McColman suggested that the trio from Keep 6 should give his son, Shorre McColman a vocal audition..and well the rest is history.

Scott is a heavy equipment tech who loves anything with an engine and is called a major gear head. He loves surfing, fishing and snowboarding as well as spending time out at the lake in the summer.

Scott Chalmers uses Gibson and Dean guitars, Mesa Boogie/Triple Rectifier sound systems, Boss, Korg and Digitec pedals, Elixir and Aurora strings, Shure wireless system and Shure vocal microphones.

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