Matthew Wispinski

Matthew Wispinski is a self taught musician that started his endevour with the bass guitar since his high school days after being persuaded to pick up the bass by a close school friend.   After several cover/original band projects such as Sykosematic and  2000,  Matt discovered what was true to heart.....original music and his love of writing music.  With that being said, he joined a project called Sweet Alibi then after a couple of years formed a powerhouse original act called Twentyfold.  Ironically Twentyfold used to rehearse beside Jay May and Scott Chalmer's band Cause and Effect in a shut down school on the outskirts of Edmonton.  After a couple of album releases and many eyeraising performances across Western Canada,  the project Twentyfold eventually dissolved.  Shortly after the breakup of Twentyfold and a countless number of phone calls from Jay and Scott, Matt decided to try out a rehearsal with the duo and thus Keep 6 was born.
Outside the music, Matthew has a huge love for fishing and camping as well as snowmobiling, quading, water sports and anything outdoors is his  total zen.
Matthew uses Warwick  and Cort bass guitars, Ampeg and Trace Elliot sound systems, Ernie Ball and Rotosound strings, Shure microphones and Sennheiser wireless guitar systems.

Matt at Boonstock 2011 pic 1 Matt at Starlite Room pic 2 Matt  playing at a live show Matt singing and playing at Starlite Room BEST pic

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