Jay May

Born in 1978 and raised across the province of Alberta.   Started playing drums at 10 years of age.  Played in many different bands over the years of various genres.  Band Influences include: Led Zepplin, Rush, The Police, Porcupine Tree, Cynic, Dream Theather, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Gordian Knot, and Yes just to name a few.  Favorite drummers: Dennis Chambers, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, John Bonham, Tony Royster Jr, Gavin Harrison, Mike Mangini, Sean Reinert, Stewart Copeland,  Thomas Pridgen.   Currently uses Epek and Tama Starclassic drums (Bubingas), Sabian cymbals (HHX), Vater Sticks and DW hardware and pedals.

Jay at Starlite Room BEST pic 2 Jay at Starlite Room GEM pic 1 Jay at Starlite Room GEM pic 2 Jay at Starlite Room pic 2 Jay at Starlite Room pic 4 Jay May BEST pic at Starlite Room

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