With the release of their third, ten song  album "Just A Matter Of Time", Keep 6 sets out to preserve the tradition of meaningful, heavy yet dynamic, inspiring, soulful guitar driven rock music and keep it thriving.

These 10 powerful tracks speak to the awesomeness of the physical universe and our attempts to harness and understand it, question our place in it and ultimately to find peace in the simple pleasures of life and finally death itself.

All the while rocking your face off with thundering drum and bass rhythms (see Constant of Light), blistering guitar solos (see Elements) and soaring vocal arrangements (I Am Still is a must).

Sometimes compared to fragments of Faith No More, Incubus, and I Mother Earth with hints of early influences like Rush and Dream Theatre, Keep 6 straddles the bridge between "out there" and "back here" and finally makes it's presence known in any place and any time.

Just A Matter Of Time.......Available NOW!



Attentions all good fans and friends of Keep 6, you can now request our music at anytime of the day or night at All you have to do is type in Keep6 and presto there is all our music for your listening please and then tune in on their home page.

Proud to announce that our music has been added to a couple of very cool indie music radio stations.... INDIE104 and iRADIO LA. The Worlds first all indie radio station. The multi award winning station that plays the best independent music 24/7.  Please request Keep 6 music and listen in 24/7.  Also you can friend their Facebook page

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